Goff continues to lie

Phil Goff has continued to lie about the SIS briefing he said he didn’t have that documents prove that he did.

Mr Goff has said the release was politically motivated and it was strange that the blogger got the documents before media which had also asked for them.

“I think the last thing you do is politicise (information releases) as the Beehive did over the incident last week.”

He suggested Slater was directed on what to ask.

“I am sure that Warren Tucker didn’t brief Cameron Slater on what he might ask for under the Official Information Act.”

Quite right, Warren Tucker didn’t brief me, but he did brief Phil Goff. Has Phil Goff thought, for just a moment, that the reason I got the documents first is because I asked for them first? Has Phil Goff thought, for just a moment, that I was treated worse by the SIS and waited longer than media outlets for their requests to be met in this instance? I asked on the 26 July and?received?the documents on the 4th of August. When did Fairfax put in their request? They got their request met the exact same day as me, did they get preferential treatment?

The fact that he sees conspiracies everywhere tells us more about how the Labour party used to run things than anything else.

Funnier still is Phil Goff trying to say that his leak of confidential documents is different from my OIA request.

Mr Goff today disagreed that was an example of similar politically motivated release of information.

“It wasn’t intelligence information, it was (exposing) a blatant example of hypocrisy where politicians were saying one thing to you in the media and to the public and saying the absolute opposite when they thought they weren’t being recorded.”

In that respect, and only slightly, is he right. He leaked the documents, I put in an OIA. He also lied about those documents he leaked and Wikileaks proved he lied about it. However it doesn’t stop Phil Goff from continuing the falsehood that Don Brash said something that was only ever a figment of Phil Goff’s imagination.

Phil Goff has a proven history of leaking, he has a proven history of lying and he just keeps on keeping the story alive. Phil Goff needs to accept he forgot about teh briefing, got it wrong, and was wrong to attack a senior civil servant. There was a point where I could accept that Phil Goff just forgot. That point passed when he insisted that he and he alone has things right.

But pause for a moment and think about what Phil Goff is suggesting. If he is right and he was never shown anything, or even briefed. remember his first contention was that he was never briefed, then he was briefed just a little bit. But think, about what Phil Goff is really suggesting.

He is suggesting that Warren Tucker has?falsified?documents, made up minutes for?briefings?that never?occurred?and lied about it all. That really is too unbelievable. The alternate is Phil Goff simply forgot about it, tried to make political capital, got sprung and then made some stuff up to cover for his faulty memory.

What is more believable? That the head of the SIS falsified documents and lied about meetings, or that Phil Goff forgot.