Goff is a loser say the voters

3News followed up their poll of yesterday with some questions about Phil Goff and his ability to win.

In our latest 3 News Reid Research poll 78 percent of voters said he cannot win.

Just 16 percent said he can.

But it is not much better amongst his own believers – more than one in two Labour voters have lost the faith.

Fifty-six percent say he cannot win and just 37 percent of his own voters say he can.


So we asked Labour voters, should Mr Goff be dumped as Labour’s leader.

– 30 percent say yes get rid of him ? that is one in three of his own voters.

– 65 percent say leave him there

– 5 percent did not know.

Again we asked Mr Goff – why does he not stand aside.

Extra ouch

One senior Labour MP told 3 News today the latest polls are ?depressing and its dead man’s territory?.

The same Labour MP told us there was a less than 10 percent chance of Mr Goff being rolled, because the caucus was gutless and no one was willing to step up and take responsibility.

But there are Labour MPs agitating for change, but there are not enough of them.

The same MP told 3 News that talk of replacing Mr Goff is only ?chit chat? and nothing more serious than that at this stage.

Yep, gutless. Labour are really exhibiting Pavlovian behaviour traits now.