Goff Resurrects anti-American Theme

Phil Goff is so desperate, he’s attempting to resurrect the anti-American theme that Labour is so fond of running in an election year.

Of course the most infamous anti-American claim came from none other than?Trevor Mallard back in 2005 when he scored an embarrassing own goal commenting about so-called American bagmen writing National’s policy in Washington.

But on?Kiwi FM this morning, Goff rekindled this theme, by claiming New Zealand’s commitment to give aid money to rebuild Libya, is just a cowering sop to the US and NATO.

This is very interesting from Mr Goff, who was sidelined as Foreign Affairs Minister while the MMP king-maker got all the good foreign jobs in the last term of Helen Clark’s Government.

Because when Mr Goff?visited there as Trade Minister in 2008 he said?Libya?was a valuable trading partner and not once in this statement does he mention the tyrant called Gaddafi.

?North Africa is a region that represents significant potential economic opportunity for New Zealand. Although from a small base, New Zealand?s trade with Algeria, Libya and Morocco has grown impressively over the last few years,? Mr Goff said.

?While agriculture remains the key driver for our exports to the region, there also exists significant potential for New Zealand businesses to expand trade in ?new economy? areas.

?My visit takes place at a time when Algeria, Libya and Morocco are all looking to?undertake significant infrastructure investment, which could lead to important new?opportunities for New Zealand. Establishing contacts at the Ministerial level,?therefore, is very timely? Mr Goff said.

So today, Mr Goff is saying that because the dictator is gone,?New Zealand?should leave?Libya?to its own devices and totally forget any longer game in trade?

Surely, if they have “oil dollars coming out their ears” as Mr Goff says, then it might be worth getting on side so we can sell them some of the stuff that Mr Goff tried to sell them in 2008?

This is another clear own goal from Goff in an area where he’s supposed to have some smarts.