Goff's position is unsustainable

Phil Goff can’t maintain his multiple positions:

Mr Goff says he’s worked with Warren Tucker for a long time, and is not questioning his integrity, but?will continue to fight for his own integrity.

Phil Goff is questioning Warren Tucker’s integrity. He, Phil Goff, ?is clearly, by continuing to say that he is fighting for his integrity, and denying that he was seen what documents prove he has, smearing the integrity of Warren Tucker. He can’t maintain any of those positions under scrutiny.

Labour seems to think that when they get news that they don’t like they should straight up smear the messenger then attack?the?civil servant. They can smear me all they like, the simple facts are that Phil goff says he wasn’t briefed and yet official and secret documents show that he was.

Listen to his scripted and stitled lines when he spoke on Mike Hosking’s show on NewstalkZB. The man is simply unbelievable.

Phil Goff spinning like a top

Mike Hosking asks why we should care about this.

We should care because Phil Goff went large on this, he accused a senior civil servant of lying, and when documents proved otherwise he continued to maintain that?the?senior civil servant is lying. Sure he is using weael words to get around actually calling Warren Tucker a liar but that is exactly what he is doing.

The man has?lost?it. He should have simply said he “mis-spoke” was mistaken and moved on. By dying in a ditch over his alleged integrity when he has a history of leaking and lying over secret documents is a position that is un-sustainable.