Greens and Mana get everything ass-backwards

Yesterday the Greens and Mana were all up in arms over Taser statistics:

Mr Locke yesterday said the latest statistics raised a number of issues about the weapons.

“Certainly they’re being fired disproportionately at Maori. The reasons for that are something we should look into.”

Mr Locke was also concerned that police were too quick to use Tasers on people with mental health issues – 58 during the 11-month period.

Mana Party spokeswoman Annette Sykes said that despite Mr Harawira’s warning “there has been this disproportionate outcome for Maori and Polynesian individuals which is a sad indictment on us”.

Both Ms Sykes and Mr Locke pointed to the fact that Tasers had been drawn and pointed at people 499 times during the past year and fired 88 times. That, they said, suggested police were using them as “instruments of control” rather than as a last resort to be used to protect the lives of police and the public.

I would like the Greens and Mana to tell me why Maori and Pacific Islanders disproportionately commit crimes against other New Zealanders.

The simple fact is that if Maori and Pacific Island peoples do not want to disproportionately feature in Taser statistics then they shouldn;t also feature?disproportionately?in crime statistics full stop.

I?have?never had a taser presented at me because I have never over stepped reasonable behaviour that is expected of law abiding citizens so far that a Police officer has felt there is no other alternative other than to present a taser at me.

The solution to the “problem” lies with the individuals. Stop acting like complete morons and?inconsiderate assholes and the Police will stop pointing tasers at you.

What the Greens and Mana are suggesting is that the Police get called to an incident, get out of their car, see that it involves a Maori or a Pacific Islander and then leap straight to Brown = Taser in their decision making processes. Fanciful, I know, but this is the “thinking” that these drop-kicks are employing.

How about we have a little experiment? The police could demonstrate the Taser on Keith Locke and Annette Sykes, so they can really know how it feels. Then after that they can demonstrate a Glock on them and after?the?experiment ask them which they prefer.