Has Goff's memory problem re-surfaced?

We all know Phil Goff has a memory problem. He said he wasn’t briefed on the Israeli tourists, yet documents released under?the?OIA show he was. Now he is saying that he didn’t contemplate quitting after?speculation?from me and from Trans-Tasman along with Matthew Hooton.

Labour leader Phil Goff has dismissed a report that he asked senior Labour MPs whether he should quit.

Political newspaper Trans Tasman reported he asked his front bench if he should resign as leader during a pre-caucus meeting last week.

The report said their response was ”muted” with one MP saying it was up to Goff.

Goff, who spoke at trade union conference this morning, said: “That is not true.”

This is the same answer Phil Goff gave after John Key pointed out he was briefed byt the SIS on the Israeli tourists.?Subsequently?he was proved wrong and it was Goff’s memory that was faulty. Is this another case of his faulty memory.

Instead, as is usual, it is all some sort of a mass conspiracy against him by dastardly fifth columnists.

“When is the news media going to stop listening to Whale Oil and Matthew Hooton who are in the back pockets of the National Party spreading rumours that have no truth at all,” Goff said.

Yes, of course, I take orders from evil-doers like Crosby|Textor and muppets like Captain Panic Pants. Never once has Phil Goff considered that a?reasonable?number of his own caucus can’t stand him and are prepared somewhat openly to discuss the issues with me. That should seriously worry him, instead he carries on regardless towards the electoral abyss.