How you get disconnected

Check out the stupid process for disconnection under New Zealand’s copyright legislation our inept lawmakers passed….and we should trust them on Electoral reform? …I think not.

Juha writes at Boing Boing:

New Zealand?s new copyright law provides for Internet disconnection for anyone whose Internet connection has been used by someone (or several someoneones) who are accused of three acts of copyright infringement. While the UN has condemned this law as disproportionate and disrespectful of human rights, its proponents often talk of its ?simplicity? as a virtue (as in, ?well, anyone who thinks about infringing copyright will be able to understand this: you download, you lose your network connection?).

But as this three-page flowchart from the Telecommunications Carriers? Forum demonstrates, the process of disconnection is so ramified and baroque that it requires deep study just to get your head around, and easily answering questions like, ?How do I appeal this?? is anything?but simple.

This is just one image of three.

Rick Shera has posted all of them.