I own the Labour party

Trevor Mallard is now copying me.

Not content with engaging in an?asymmetrical?war they can’t win on two fronts. Unable to run a website. Now they?have?to copy me for campaigning ideas.

What a sad bunch of muppets.

In two weeks time I also get to destroy the remaining dignity that Trevor Mallard has left.

James at Mydeology get’s it:

What has actually happened is, in an ?anything you can do I can do better? type strategic ploy, Mallard has responded to blogger, and anti-Labour ratbag Cameron Slater?s persistant taunts not by rising above, but by?engaging in a tit-for-tat ?Jon Key sux LOL? attempt to further prove that Labour are spending their energy on what really matters: smearing John Key in some half-arsed pseudo-plagiarism of an already luke-warm-funny-at-best ?what John Key is texting? fake iPhone message thing-parody-satire-I-just-don?t-know-any-more.

In one swift blow, Mallard has also demonstrated Labour?s ability to basically call out the media as pieces of shit via the medium of ?youf txt spk?.

Seriously, this guy is in charge of Labour?s election campaign.

I think Slater has another point to add to Labour?s ?stealing underpants strategy?:

  1. Appoint Trevor as campaign strategist.
  2. Devote time to online flame war with deliberately disruptive blogger instead of looking at all competent.
  3. ???
  4. Victory!