I wrote an email

Phil Goff is digging deeper and deeper, trying desperately to smear me. Last night on Radio Live he even raised the spectre of the Hollow Men for some inept and bizarre reason.

For some reason the left wing elements of the media, including Scoop, Barry Soper, John Pagani and to a lesser extent Chris Trotter?have?all tried to say that I should never have been given the documents. They all ignore?the?fact that I asked for the documents under the OIA and I asked for details that wouldn’t be secret, I was very specific and not only that I published the exact questions I asked.

So far none of the media have published what they asked. So far none of the media have published their timelines for when they submitted their OIA requests.

The single thing that perplexes me is why they all think that the OIA shouldn’t be used by ordinary citizens and left as the preserve of the political elites and meida?

The Official information Act is designed so that the powerful can be held to account, and hold Phil Goff to account I have. I can only assume that the whining in the media is because I ganked them. They are miffed that I thought of it first….some time before Fairfax got around to moving their expanding posteriors off the chair to write a OIA request.

Phil Goff says questions need to be asked:

Labour leader?Phil Goff says questions remain over how a right-wing blogger asked the SIS for a confidential document about a briefing he had with the spy agency.

Questions also remained over why the SIS released the material with such urgency – four working days after receiving the request under the Official Information Act. Most requests are either rejected outright or take at least three weeks to action.

The simple answer to the how a right wing blogger asked the SIS is that I simply asked for it. I watched Phil Goff and then Annette King change the story about the breifing he says he never had, but documents prove that he did. i was angered that phil Goff was using?the?same tactics that he did when caught lying over the Daren Hughes affair, so incenced I wrote an email.

After I rote that email the law took effect. The SIS had to, by law, answer my request. The leftwing, Phil Goff, the media all need to ask themselves a very?pertinent?question.

Do they think that the SIS should selectively answer OIA requests based on the political views of the person asking and the political views of the opponents of the person asking?

They won’t answer that question because where it leads to is where they are trying to smear the SIS, that there is political involvement in the SIS when they know very clearly that there is not. If they were to answer in?the?affirmative then they support the?politicization?of the SIS.

By attacking me and my motives they have now opened pandora’s box on themselves. Once again they have shown themselves to be inept strategically. They clearly do not war-game every scenario through to their logical and inevitable conclusions. For if they did then Phil Goff would have retracted a long time ago and claimed he mis-spoke, forgot or some other weaselly excuse.

By going large on this he has only himself to blame for the issue being in the public domain. His actions alone are the ones that have led a non-issue being turned into three weeks worth of bad headlines and an?asymmetrical?war against a blogger they can’t win.

My old man has a saying about people being either chess players or draughts players. Phil Goff has shown that he is neither and that his game appears to be Chinese Checkers.