If it's a lie, it's a lie

If it’s a lie, it’s a lie. ?Phil Goff has insisted any talk that he?canvassed?his front bench about quitting were lies invented by nasty right wing bloggers. He has now moved on from that. Apparently there is an issue over confidentiality.

Only if it’s true is there an issue of ‘confidentiality’.

Phil Goff has faced a fresh barrage of questions over his leadership.

Mr Goff’s vehemently denying he asked his front bench whether he should stand aside for somebody else, given Labour’s continued hammering in the opinion polls.

It’s been suggested one of his front bench is leaking to the media.

“Everybody in caucus knows that there is a rule of confidentiality,”?Mr Goff?says. “Somebody broke that rule, his name is Chris Carter and he was expelled from caucus immediately.”

Cunllifer’s comments are interesting too:

Labour’s finance spokesman David Cunliffe says that would be surprising and insists Mr Goff will lead Labour into the election.

“Labour is a united caucus, we’ve got a great team, we’ve got great policy and we’ve got an election to win.”

Ok so?according?to Cunliffe they have a united caucus, a great team and great policy….I note he didn’t mention anything about the leader.