If you are explaining you're losing

Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of St Mary’s Bay is a liar. He is so bent even paper clips mock him.

Now he is “litigating” whether or not he called a reporter a dick.

Winston Peters is not one to shy away from an insult ? but the?NZ First leader swears he did not swear.

In an interview about new North Shore candidate Andrew Williams this week, Mr Peters was asked: “So is he going to be your spokesman for any particular issue?”

His response was reported as: “God, you dick.”

Yesterday he said it was unthinkable that he would use the language described. “I would never call a woman a dick.”

After requesting a copy of the tape, Mr Peters assembled his own team to pass judgment and said their view was unanimous ? that the actual phrase he used was “crikey dick”.

It was clear to anyone listening that the second vowel was not a “u” sound, he said. “Dissect that second vowel. That’s the key to this argument.”

Rule number one in Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics is clear. If you are explaining you are losing and having?Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of St Mary’s Bay explain enunciation and pronunciation to the public sure looks like losing to me.