When Speaker Lockwood Smith made his description of Trevor Mallard’s interjection skills known to the world, he couldn’t have known just how prophetic his statement was to become. Inept…that epithet a short time later could be used to describe firstly Labour getting rolled over as they smugly settled themselves in for a filibuster and then their attempts to spike debate on the VSM bill.

The biggest irony of the day though was the inept Trevor Mallard sitting in his office writing up the “Play of the Day” blog post while the real play of the day was unfolding in the house without him. Grant Robertson and Steve Chadwick were all at sea and by the time Trevor Mallard limped into the house Labour had lost.

We were then treated to the most unbecoming, petulant and nasty display of underpants stealing strategy seen to date.

The bottom line is that National finally?exerted?their numbers in the house after watching Labour hijack Members Day for too long as they died in a ditch to stop VSM. They were hoping that the parliamentary term would end and they could claim victory. They watched that prospect disappear before them today.

I can’t work out who is more inept, Trevor Mallard or the whole Labour caucus who don’t look like they could catch a cold right now.