Labour candidates still breaking the law

Over the weekend Steve Chadwick’s hoardings were erected in Rotorua. Photos have been sent in via the tipline.

Unfortunately for Steve Chadwick, the?Electoral?Commission?is very clear in that election hoardings cannot be put up until allowed under the Electoral Act which is 2 months before an election.

The Electoral Act 1993 allows for election signs up to three square metres in size to be put up in the two months?before election day.
This provision overrides any local authority rules about size and timing of the display of signs.

Yet again it appears that Labour’s candidates are breaching the?Electoral?Act and it looks liek I will have to lay another complaint with the Electoral Commission.

Now you may think that this is just a simple case of the lowest ranked Labour list MP breaking the law (bylaw?). ?In fact this is Labour continuing to break the law as they seem to have since the beginning of the year. If Labour can’t follow simple laws then how can they expect the voting public to elect them to government.

I note also that she is not asking people to vote Labour, just for her. More unbranding. Big candidate name, little Labour logo.