Labour Pwnd Hard

Labour got ambushed hard ?today at the end of General Debate.

After Grant Robertson finished his filibuster on the Royal Society bill, Heather Roy stood up and move that it be reported back to the house which cleared the way for the VSM bill to be debated again.

The Labour C Team put up a feeble defense easily batted away by Eric Roy and then by Lockwood Smith, with Trevor Mallard attempting tp come top the resuce and he got schooled too. Very inept of Mallard.

Labour has clearly been ambushed and out-foxed by being too clever.

This is one of the best ever parliamentary ambushes in memory.

Trevor Mallard is ineptly aruging futile points of order that the majority of parliament are wrong. Give up Duck, you got PWND!

UPDATE: The?inept?Trevor Mallard is whining like a baby in?the?house, but they have lost and now?the?VSM Bill is back in the house. Labour got ambushed and it was exceptionally well executed. Labour only have themselves to blame for this.

UPDATE 2: The inept Trevor Mallard was busy writing a blog post when?the?ambush was executed. Ironically it was his play of the day. I think this will now be the play of the day.