Labour's Strategic Stupidity

The VSM Bill that Labour have tried to die in a ditch for is a prime example of their underpants stealing strategy.

This is an issue that matters so little to most New Zealanders they totally tune out to it. Labour have spend endless hours and precious media time on an issue that will win them almost no votes, and has a massive opportunity cost.

Student Unions may provide Labour with plenty of MPs, but they are not bodies that the general public care about. Labour would have been far better off using their time targeting National on things like the economy, jobs, and provision of public services. Instead they have made an incoherent case for something key swing voters are completely oblivious to. Not only that they lost the war in the process making their strategic decision to die in a ditch over VSM the classic parliamentary stealing of underpants.

At the beginning of the term if National had have been asked what do you want Labour to concentrate on it would be something irrelevant like VSM because it means they would not be taking any votes from National.

Labour are inept, just as Lockwood Smith described their master strategist.