Latest polls – bad news for Labour all round

3News Reid Research poll:

National: 54% down 1.1%
Labour: 28.8% down 1.1%
Greens: 9.3% up 0.2%
Maori: 1.5% up 0.2%
NZ First: 2.2% no change
ACT: 2.2% up 0.5%
Mana: 0.9% up 0.2%

Preferred PM

John Key: 53.3%
Phil Goff: 8.7%

One News Colmar Brunton polls:

National: 56% up
Labour: 30% up
Greens: 6%
Maori: 1.4%
NZ First: 2.3%
ACT: 1.7%
Mana: 0.9%

Preferred PM

John Key: 57% [highest ever rating in history of Colmar Brunton]
Phil Goff: 8%

One thing is certain, Labour’s capital gains tax went down like a cup of cold sick and National’s welfare changes are popular.

Phil Goff can’t win, Guyon Espiner describes his and Labour’s belief that they can win as “delusional”.

Labour are going to lose some good MPs while old tuskers remain warming seats postponing Labour’s much needed renewal for at?least?another cycle.

I might have lost a cycle race today but the results of distracting Labour’s campaign manager for 12 weeks are really showing through. Clearly training to beat a fat blogger was more important than running Labour’s campaign.