Mallard and Neigh-neigh demoted?

Labour seems to be very sensitive. They tossed the upstanding and honourable “Pedro” Gower from their offices today for no apparent reason. He of course tweeted the results of his getting thrown from the offices. It is hard to see how this sort of behaviour towards gallery journalists is going to help their so-called media “problem.

Perhaps they are sensitive to the?apparent?demotion of Trevor Mallard. He has been moved from his prozed seat on the front bench and sent to the second bench and Neigh-neigh Ardern has been sent to the back bench. Meanwhile Hone Harawira has confirmed his snout is firmly in the trough by having his seat moved to the front bench showing he is now a parliamentary leader of a?party?and all the extra funding that entails.

Here is the new seating plan that was sent to the tipline. I have added arrows and highlights. It looks like Charles Chauvel has taken over Mallard’s responsibilities. Labour are set to be more inept in the House.