Maryan and Annette need to apologise

When Phil Goff was spinning his web of deceit over the brefiing he said he never had but cleary did both Annette King and Maryan Street were also spinning their own webs. On TVNZ Breakfast on 26 July Annette King said the following:

Rawdon: Very quickly I just want to talk about the Israeli spy situation. You?re critical or the Labour Party rather is critical that the Leader Phil Goff wasn?t briefed on the SIS investigation into the alleged spies in Christchurch post earthquake.

Annette: I think a couple of issues here Rawdon. I think Mr Key fell down on not being upfront and straightforward with the public from the beginning, and I think the editorial in the Herald probably summed it up very well. If he?d been open and upfront I think people wouldn?t be so suspicious about the movements of the Israeli people. As far as Phil Goff being briefed by Mr Tucker, he did not receive any documents from Mr Tucker at all. So where Mr Key got that from I don?t know. Mr Goff met with Mr Tucker yesterday and he made it very clear that no documents and papers had been given to him to look at on this issue. So I think that maybe the briefing that was given to the Prime Minister was faulty.

It looks like Phil may have led his old benchmate on a merry dance. I think Annette Kings owes us an apology now that it has been proven that Phil goff was actually brief “at length”. Likewise Maryan Street who went out of her way not once, not twice: Apology Maryan? but three times

Maryan needs to apologise

…to defend the indefensible.

Maryan said she would apologise if she was proved wrong. I now await her humble apology. Tick Tock. I still am unsure as to whether or not labour likes to lie in unison or that they are simply “inept”.