Maryan Street is going to get thrashed

Apparently Labour are going to “wipe the smug grin” off Nick Smith’s face in Nelson. Labour’s inept campaign takes another inept step toward oblivion.

Someone needs to tell them they are dreaming.

Nick Smith is one of the most popular electorate MPs in the country because he has done a bloody good job for two decades representing his voters. He is not known as Nick For Nelson for nothing, and his stats are better than just about any other National MP whatever way you measure them for winning more votes than National.

This is not just opinion. The election results bear out this:

National Party ????15,378 ????????SMITH, Nick ???NAT ???20,471
Labour Party ????13,689 ????????STREET, Maryan ???LAB ???12,000

So National have a majority of
1,689 over Labour and Nick has a majority of 8471 over Maryan.

I may disagree with Nick on a range of issues but he is the most frequent winner of the Politician of the Week Award because he gets so much right. He an example of a brilliant electorate MP, and Nelson is his seat for life even though it should be a swing seat, because he as never forgotten who sends him to parliament every three years.

When Labour do a campaign review they need to look closely at their candidates who don?t even win the all the Labour voters. As the numbers show, Maryan Street lost at least 1689 Labour voters, indicating she is a bloody terrible MP at serving her constituents. ?If Labour are serious about winning Nelson they need to replace Maryan. Preferably with someone who isn’t as sour as a grapefruit and doesn?t represent the failed identity politics that is so last decade.