More dishonest NZEI action

A very concerned citizen writes a diatribe against National Standards in the Herald letters to the editor today.

Liz Horgan really lets rip.

lizhorgan letter to editor

But hang on. The Herald doesn’t point out that Ms Horgan is actually an NZEI member and nutter principal.

Shouldn’t readers of the Herald be made aware of this so they can reach their own conclusions?

So did the Herald leave out this vital information. Or did Ms Horgan fail to mention it?

You’ll see from the email below that she is in fact one of the usual hard-left suspects intent on hiding from accountability.

From: Liz Horgan
Sent: Monday, 6 December 2010 7:51 p.m.
To: ‘Sandie Aikin’;[email protected]; Frances Guy;[email protected];[email protected]; Louise Green;[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]; John Faire; Cathy Wylie; Frances Nelson; Lester Flockton; Terry Crooks;[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]; Peter Verstappen;[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]; Ian Leckie;[email protected];[email protected]; davek;[email protected]
Cc: Darrell Ward; Laures Park; Liz Brown; Lyndy McIntyre; Phillippa Ward; Stephanie Mills
Subject: Latest developments re National Standards

Dear all

I have waited to calm down at the end of the day before writing this email and I am circulating it to all of the above to make clear how I feel. In short I am bitterly disappointed that NZEI, and I gather NZPF (although there has been no official communication from NZPF as yet) have made moves to be ?involved? (albeit tentatively) with the NSSAG .

The makeup of the NSSAG means that it has little or no credibility with the sector. It was a calculated and rather desperate attempt by the Minister to delay and diffuse growing opposition to NS and to attempt once again to legitimise a very bad educational policy. In my opinion the NSSAG should have been left to limp along and slowly implode through lack of interest and influence.

From where I sit the result has been to once again diffuse the momentum that was growing through the combined efforts of BTAC, NZEI, NZPF BOTs and brave academics, principals and teachers across the country. I thought the hesitation that NZPF showed prior to the launch of their campaign and the loss of momentum that resulted at that time might have been a salutary lesson . ?Rightly or wrongly this latest move with no consultation of members of either organisation has just served to confuse and dishearten many who have worked so hard to fight this bad policy. If there was ever a time for us to have held the moral high ground I believe it was now. After all the work from so many over the last 18 months this ?engagement? has left me feeling very deflated and disheartened. If I was government I would consider the latest move by NZEI and NZPF a real coup. ?I am more than happy to be proved wrong but from where I sit at the moment I feel really let down and I know I am not alone in this feeling.

Kind regards

Liz Horgan

St Joseph?s School


Oh look – there’s the guy from the NZEI advert in the email list, and good old Perry Rush. Also in there some “academics”, past and present NZEI presidents and their extremely unsuccessful campaign team,?the NZPF president, and Bill Courtney, who is wheeled out by the NZEI any chance they get as a concerned parent.

So what we really have?is a woman who has been campaigning against the Government for a long time, and doesn’t want anyone to engage with the Government to help kids.

Well done Liz.?You?pulled the wool over the Herald’s eyes – but you can’t beat the Whale Army.