More Labour lies over Thurston Place College

Sunny Kaushal is the Labour candidate in Pakuranga, he is joining a long list of party functionaries who line up to get slayed by Maurice Williamson.

Sunny though has joined with Raymond Huo and Chao-Fu Wu to prove that the protests against Thruston Place College aren’t anything to do with community interest, rather naked political nimbyism orchestrated by the Labour party. Not only that he joins Raymond and Chao-fu in lying about the details of the protest and denying at-risk youth a safe location to be educated.

Sunny, does well in?identifying?that this is a Pakuranga issue but at the same time outs the who protest as Labour organised. He mis-represents the numbers in attendence as well saying there were about a thousand people protesting. The number was actually barely 200, and they had to be marshalled and spread out down the street to make it look far more.

As I pointed out earlier this protest was in Botany electorate, and at a function of Botany MP Jami-lee Ross. Apart from the Prime Minister there were no other MPs in?attendance. Yet another example of mis-speaking by Labour candidates.

The huge irony again is that it is Labour that is helping opposition for a school, which?physically?already exists, for 25-30 kids in care of CYF. These kids are not mass murderers, as the Stop Thurston website would have everyone believe. they are however at risk and need the support of our society, not ostracisim by nimby’s and labour politicians trying desperately to create a local mountain out of a very small mole-hill, and shamelessly using disadvantaged kids as their battering ram.

It’s fair to say the MoE handled this badly – but that is still no excuse for the lies and misinformation being put out there by principals of local schools – with another local politician not helping things at all.

I remain disgusted that Labour would rather pursue a political campaign rather than seek to assist disadvantaged and at-risk youth.