More on Mike Smith

Mike Smith used to be the General Secretary of the Labour Party. Now he blogs at The Standard and runs the Fabian Society.

Earlier today I blogged about Mike Smith whining about political funding. This is of course?the?same Mike Smith who lied about the pledge card. ?He promised election officials it would be included in the Labour spending cap before the election in 2005 – but then went back on his word. ?If he had actually honoured his promise, Labour’s overspending in 2005 would have been laid bare. ?This is as serious as it gets in terms of election breaches. ?Of course, Labour later legislated to validate this illegal activity.

This is the same Mike Smith who the Electoral Commission has busted before breaching rules:

The Electoral Commission ruled Labour secretary Mike Smith broke the law by using the party, rather than his home, address on a promotional CD and a taxpayer-funded Labour brochure was caught for not carrying authorisation.

So know that when Mike Smith talks about election spending and the rules, his default position is to lie, cheat and steal in order to benefit the Labour party and disadvantage the taxpayer and their political opponents.