Mrs Carruthers responds

There isn’t much I agree with Deborah Coddington, but today she took a leaf out of the Chris Christie school of politics,?which?Cactus Kate is now a fan of especially when dealing with political retards and socialists.

She responds to Grant Robertson’s shrill, whiny, gay letter sticking up for Neigh Neigh.

Deborah Coddington says:

Dear Grant Robertson

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to write. Much appreciated. And thank you too, all you fans, for reading my column. The more you read, the more I get paid. However, it does puzzle me somewhat, when I read comments which say nobody takes any notice of what I write, and yet here we have several column inches doing exactly the opposite?

But I digress.

I was writing a column on the vexing issue of politicians? needing to put their ideological differences aside, stop their sniping, and working together for the good of their communities. If an idea is good, they need to go for it. Public transport in Auckland is badly needed. Ms Ardern knows that, but she chooses to snipe over the political differences, and just last week she accused Ms Kaye of making political capital over the trams because it was election year.

Yes, the events in Norway were horrific, which is why I, and many others, including some of your own party supporters from the Wairarapa (women friends of mine), were appalled to see on network news, Ms Ardern?s soundbite as she released balloons. Since she had, as I said, accused Kaye of making political capital out of the trams, she has to just suck it up when it backfires on her.

If she?s going to be a cry-baby about it after the event, she shouldn?t be in Parliament. Tough.

She was asked to stand in for Goff because she?s fabulous looking, a media darling, and Labour Youth knew without Goff she would be the next best thing to get them on the news. FFS, we all know that. It was a publicity stunt.

Bah, humbug.

To accuse me of sexism, Mr Robertson, is a bit rich. Seems the Labour Caucus is full of White Knights. My phone?s been pinging all night with men texting me in anger, rushing to defend this boo-hooing damsel in distress.

Two lines in a column which are possibly the first negative pieces of press this MP has ever received and the Labour caucus goes into meltdown.

Heaven help this girl if she ever makes it into cabinet. She?ll need to toughen up.

I wasn?t as hard on her as I?ve been on National and Act MPs.

Anyway, Grant Robertson, thank you again for taking the time to write.

Kind regards,
Deborah Coddington.

Face meet palm Grant and Jacinda. That’s how you ?do a?bitch?slap.

What I want to know though is which Labour men were pinging Deborah all night? ?I just bet one was David Parker rushing to defend his “drinking friend” with cold hands. Well they must be cold hands because he keeps holding on to them to warm them up.