Must be an election coming

Phil Goff likes to keep his family private. He professes to want to keep them out of the harsh scrutiny of politics.

GOFF HAS vulnerabilities, of course, and in his lounge at the farm he opened up about the time his daughter Sara was caught with ecstasy in Australia.

He has always been fiercely protective of his family’s privacy and was distraught that Sara was targeted in the media just because she was his daughter.

If there was ever a time he contemplated not staying on in politics, he says, that was it.

If you’re really are so “fiercely protective” of your family’s privacy, so much so that you have carded any reporter that dares to write about your family, why would you tell the world all about them?

This shows yet again that Phil Goff can’t maintain any position for longer than a sentence. Fiercley protective ?but ?hey take some photos and write us all up, including dear old dad.

Can’t wait till next weeks installment when he re-writes history and denies he is the biggest asset seller in New Zealand’s history.

Perhaps he should have quit politics back then. He will be quitting for sure soon after November 26.