Name and Shame on Twitter

The Manchester Police have started naming and shaming convicted thugs and assorted scum on Twitter.

In the name of swift and public justice, the Greater Manchester Police has begun tweeting the identities of people convicted of criminal damage and disorder during?riots this week in Manchester and Salford.

The department is also requesting the public?s help in identifying suspects via photos and videos posted to its website and?Flickr account.

Wednesday, the?Greater Manchester Police notified its Twitter followers that criminals were going through the courts and would soon be ?named and shamed.? Thursday, the Twitter account began rattling off the names, births dates, addresses and sentences for those convicted.

?We promised we?d name all those convicted for their roles in the disorder ? here we go ?? the @gmpolice account?tweeted.

This is a sort of Policing?initiative?we should see here. We aren;t allowed the stocks anymore, but this is the modern equivalent.

Imagine if someone set up an anonymous Twitter account naming convicted criminals with Name Suppression…impossible to stop.