National?s most un-trustworthy person ? Part 5

This blog con?tin?ues to take a close look at trust?wor?thi?ness in the National Party over the next few?weeks.

This is because this blog has dis?cov?ered and learned of some dis?turb?ing acts of untrust?wor?thi?ness inside National over the last 6 months.

In fact, from what I have gath?ered over this time, it may well be some of the most untrust?wor?thy behav?iour seen in the National Party for the bet?ter part of 25?years.

What do I mean by untrustworthy?

Well, per?haps a score might be use?ful to help show the grav?ity of the situation.

I have come up with the ?Wha?le?oil Un-Trustworthiness Scale? to help read?ers under?stand, with 1 being com?pletely trust?wor?thy, and 10 being despi?ca?bly untrustworthy.

A score of 1 would of course be some?one like John Key. Vot?ers trust John Key. He has com?pro?mised the speed of some reforms in order to not break promises, such is the value of trust to him. Sure he has reneged on no increase to?GST?but that is small beer com?paed with Mr or Mrs Infin?ity and their treachery.

Next to John Key as a one on the trust?wor?thy scale is board mem?ber, Can?ter?bury West?land Regional Chair and old fash?ioned gen?tle?man, Roger Bridge.

Thirty six years of loyal ser?vice to the party help, but oth?ers have been in the party as long as Roger. What sets Roger apart is he has always a kindly word for every?one in the party, and has the cour?tesy to treat all with dig?nity and has prob?a?bly bought them a drink or two as well. More likely more than a drink or two as Roger is a free spender when entertaining.

The only peo?ple that don?t like Roger are the bug?gers mud?dle and that just rein?forces his most trust?wor?thy status.

Tim Groser would have to be a score of 2. You would be a lit?tle ner?vous about loose lips if he was in Air?NZ?first class, armed with a bot?tle of cham?pagne and a beau?ti?ful woman hang?ing off his every word, but by and large, Groser is a very trust?wor?thy?man.

Melissa Lee would be a three. She?s a very nice and bright per?son, but her polit?i?cal skills mean you wouldn?t trust her in a cam?paign. Sadly, she is a bit like??Mal?colm Tucker?s cof?fee machinewhen it comes to elec?tions ? from bean to cup, she fucks?up.

Let’s leap ahead to what a number 7 or number 8 on the scale of un-trustworthiness would look like.

Kanwal Bakshi would be a seven. Don’t sell him a restaurant or ask him to deal in any immigration matters.

Murray McCully is devious, shrewd and often vindictive. He’s an eight. But I will say this about McCully, devious though he may be, he does have the interests of the National Party at heart.

So who then, would be a?ten?

Who would be Mr or Mrs Infin?ity? Far exceed?ing even a despi?ca?ble?ten.

Would it be the sort of per?son who abuses the office they hold within the?party?

More to?come.?