National – the natural party of opposition, ctd

The other day David Farrar blogged about the big money that the unions are throwing in supporting MMP. The Greens also had registered to spend money campaigning for MMP.

Then on the 26 August the Labour party was registered as a third party that is going to spend more than $12,000 promoting MMP.

Via the tipline I was sent in this photo of joint campaigning by Labour and the Campaign for MMP.

Make no mistake, the left wing are pulling out all stops to ensure that MMP is retained and meanwhile the party?hierarchy?of National are doing their level best to silence anyone who even mentions the referendum in National circles. This includes the General Manager, The President and the Campaign Manager who are busy throwing threats around. Ranting and cajoling elected office holders isn’t a good look. Internal party are alarmed at such inept handling of this, they are talking and I am listening.

News flash National, all your political enemies are conspiring to retain MMP and pouring lots of time, effort and money into it and some in National are even helping them. Silence is no longer an option, silence in 1993 on the issue is what got you 9 long years in opposition and silence is what will see your coalition partners disappear, and with it your chances of governing again for a very long time. Labour won’t remain inept forever, and your poll ratings won’t remain stellar forever.

It is time to find your voice.