National's most un-trustworthy person – Part 3

This blog continues to take a close look at trustworthiness in the National Party over the next few weeks.

This is because this blog has discovered and learned of some disturbing acts of untrustworthiness inside National over the last 6 months.

In fact, from what I have gathered over this time, it may well be some of the most untrustworthy behaviour seen in the National Party for the better part of 25 years.

What do I mean by untrustworthy?

Well, perhaps a score might be useful to help show the gravity of the situation.

I have come up with the “Whaleoil Un-Trustworthiness Scale” to help readers understand, with 1 being completely trustworthy, and 10 being despicably untrustworthy.

A score of 1 would of course be someone like John Key. Voters trust John Key. He has compromised the speed of some reforms in order to not break promises, such is the value of trust to him. Sure he has reneged on no increase to GST but that is small beer compaed with Mr or Mrs Infinity and their treachery.

Next to John Key as a one on the trustworthy scale is board member, Canterbury Westland Regional Chair and old fashioned gentleman, Roger Bridge.

Thirty six years of loyal service to the party help, but others have been in the party as long as Roger. What sets Roger apart is he has always a kindly word for everyone in the party, and has the courtesy to treat all with dignity and has probably bought them a drink or two as well. More likely more than a drink or two as Roger is a free spender when entertaining.

The only people that don?t like Roger are the buggers muddle and that just reinforces his most trustworthy status.

Tim Groser would have to be a score of 2. You would be a little nervous about loose lips if he was in Air NZ first class, armed with a bottle of champagne and a beautiful woman hanging off his every word, but by and large, Groser is a very trustworthy man.

So who then, would be a ten?

Who would be Mr or Mrs Infinity? Far exceeding even a despicable ten.

Would it be the sort of person who abuses the office they hold within the party?

More to come….