Nice story, but is it the truth?

There is a story in the Herald that sensationalises the “miraculous” survival of a kid flung from a car in a car accident.

Police have revealed that a baby who flew from a van during a car crash on Auckland’s Southern Motorway had his fall cushioned by a pizza box on the road.

Petelo Fa’aeteete, 52, had taken his family out for a meal on June 30and was driving home on the Southern Motorway when a car slammed into his van.

The van rolled three times before landing driver’s side down.

Mr Fa’aeteete died moments later with his wife, Aida, trapped in her seat beside him.

Their daughter Karen, 28, then three months pregnant, and her 6-month-old son, Peter, were in the back.

Miss Fa’aeteete was strapping Peter back into his car seat, after making him more comfortable, when the crash happened.

He was thrown out of the van and landed about 5m away on the motorway.

Constable Caroline Ludford of the Waitemata serious crash unit said Peter landed on top of a pizza box, but it was not clear whether the box came from the van or was already lying on the motorway.

So the kid had a car seat and yet the mother saw fit to “make him more comfortable”.

I would bet dollar to a knob of goat poo that the kid was kicking up all hell and in the ensuing attempts “to make him more comfortable” the driver was distracted and hit another car killing him and flinging the child fromt eh car seat he should?have?been strapped into in the first?place.