Nice to see ideology isn't a factor

The left wing thinks John Key is an ideologue. Like most of their pronouncements on John Key they are wrong about that and he has shown them today why they are wrong.

“Whether you’re a public entity or a private sector company looking to go to the equity markets you always have to have a mind for what’s happening but we’ve got time on our side and what’s happening today is not necessarily what the position is going to look like in 12 to 18 months’ time.”

Nevertheless, he acknowledged the sales process could be delayed if market conditions were unsuitable.

“The history of IPOs [initial public offers] shows you that sometimes a product doesn’t go to market but it’s usually a timing differential of a few months, maybe six months.”

If John Key was the idealogue the left wing says he is he would be come hell or high water selling off assets. Instead he is pragmatically signalling that it should done when the time is right to maximise the benefit to the nation.

Labour meanwhile continues to mis-represent the the position of the government. When they start talking about the hocking off os assets they should be asked who has the better record. John Key who has sold no assets or Phil Goff who sold billions. They should be challenged to tell us where the billions in Kiwisaver accounts are to be invested in New Zealand, rather than watching those billions invest offshore.

Labour are inept. They haven’t a clue and I suspect that they won’t find a clue until they show the tired old war-horses the knackers yard.