No hiding the truth now

It is now clear that Labour is internally divided. They have?tried for months to act as if they were united. They have?come out often saying that they stand behind their leader.?But we all know that this is just a pile of public relations?crap.

The strain is starting to show. As I have said for?many months….there are leadership aspirants positioning?themselves for a takeover after Goff is finally rolled. For?months I have been told that I am just mischief making and?that somehow I am being paid by National to spread lies?about what is really going on in the Labour Party.

But, as I have said all along, I am hearing this information?from people WITHIN the Labour Party.

Shane Jones has this weekend let the cat completly out of?the bag. Not only has he confirmed that Phil did ask if he?should quiet, but he also confirmed that he is looking at?becoming leader, and that there are two other camps, Camp?Cunliffe and Camp Parker. He has also revealed that the?caucus is fighting amongst itself and that David Cunliffe is?trying to distablise things within the ranks. There hasn’t a been a day go by without Shane Jones being in the media during this parliamentary recess. If you were mounting a campaign to roll someone you need momentum, not only for your aspirations but reverse?momentum?for your target. Jones has a tsunami of?momentum?now.

Here are some exerpts from Audrey Youngs?article today in the Herald (she is reporting on Shane?Jones’ interview – Read leadership bid – on The Nation on?TV3 this weekend):

“The subterranean power struggles going on inside the Labour?Party caucus were exposed at the weekend during Shane Jones’?interview on The Nation.?Jones let his guard down in the interview with TV3’s
political editor, Duncan Garner, and revealed his feelings?towards “Camp Cunliffe,” supporters of finance spokesman?David Cunliffe, a potential rival for the Labour?leadership.”

“Camp Cunliffe” is being blamed for leaks about Phil Goff’s?supposed offer to his front bench to step down.

Jones was asked on The Nation if Cunliffe had leadership?qualities. And this is what he said:

“Well what he needs to do at the moment for all of us, and?that’s what he’s promising he’s going to do for us, is go?and sell our economic policy.

“I understand David to have said on numerous occasions he’s?a team player and he’s going to tautoko or support Annette?King and Phil Goff.

“Now what happens in the future we need to talk to him about?that, but there’s really no – there’s no scope for this?fratricide or there’s no scope for feeding the media’s?appetite in wanting to turn this election into a Labour?Party leadership fight, it’s a joke.”

“Asked about the leak on what Goff said at the frontbench?meeting, Jones said “when you are trying to win votes and to?read in the newspaper such a story, it causes my Slavic?blood to boil.

“There’s no way that story should have ever got into the?public. And if there is someone who has made that leak, then?they should be made to pay the price.”

This shows that the story, which Goff denied, was in fact?TRUE. Shane Jones statement is giving truth to it….he?clearly says that the story should never have got out and?that the leaker needs to pay the price, though quite how he will enforce that price on himself is not mentioned. (So once again we have more lies from?Goff??)

Then Audrey Young confirms that there are at least two camps:

“Camp David and Camp Cunliffe are seen as the two leading?contenders in any post-election leadership spill.”

This could be a real blood-bath after the election. Unless of course they get up the gumption to do it?before?the election.