NZEI = Labour = hide the truth from parents

One of the biggest lies in the vast treasure chest of untruths which the teachers’ union calls upon to protect themselves from parents who can’t understand why their kid is failing, is that every child is unique – every child learns at different speeds.

And then the clincher – but don’t worry, they’ll catch up when they’re ready.

That is bollocks of course. If a kid isn’t learning as they should, teachers should be fronting up and telling parents what they are going to do to fix it.

Which is why the union is so scared of National Standards.

NZEI don’t want to label kids as failures. They want?us to wait?until they’re on the dole or serving fries before breaking the news that they can’t read or write very well.

But wait -?NZEI can’t go anywhere without?Labour faithfully trailing behind. Sure enough,?the principal featuring in the ads is from Balmoral School – which I outed last year, as did Fairfax.

NZEI think they’ve hoodwinked everyone with a fluffy advert concerned about kids.

Make no mistake. This is a scum union ad, designed to protect crap teachers, helped along by Labour.

I bet they’re all very proud of themselves.