Oh dear another conflicting story

Well what do we have here? Looks like a re-visit of Phil Goff and his memory issues. Tracy Watkins has a revealing article in the Dom Post.

An increasingly angry Labour leader?Phil Goff is again facing leadership speculation after conflicting accounts over a meeting with some of his closest and most senior colleagues.

He furiously denied reports in political newsletter Trans-Tasman that he asked his frontbench MPs whether he should quit.

Several frontbench MPs backed Mr Goff, either describing the report as “bollocks” or insisting the discussion never took place. Others refused to comment.

But one senior Labour MP said the conversation did happen. “[Phil] did consult the front bench over whether he should go.”

The reaction from MPs was mixed ? some were “adamant that he shouldn’t quit” while others were more muted. But no one said to Mr Goff that he should resign.

Gee, we have seen this pattern of behaviour before. In the Hughes Affair andduring the kerfuffle over what Phil Goff should have and couldn’t remember during his SIS briefings.

Now we have a senior Labour MP talking out of school and contradicting Phil Goff’s version of events. The only thing left now is for Phil Goff to accuse Tracy Watkins of being in the back pocket of National, part of a greater Crosby|Textor conspiracy, or just plain making stuff up.

Alternatively it is Phil Goff, once again backed into a corner, who is making stuff up. Time and two more bad polls will tell, I suppose.