Peter Dunne's rank hypocrisy

Psycho Milt exposes Peter Dunne’s rank hypocrisy over the banning of synthetic cannabinoids:

Stuff, 2 August 2011:

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne yesterday announced a 12-month ban on 43 legal highs, which will be in force by the end of the week.

Mr Dunne has described the efforts in New Zealand to prevent the sale of tobacco to underage children as ?fascist?, and tobacco control spending as a ?scandalous waste of money in pursuit of some health zealots? beady eyed political correctness.? Mr Dunne also described the 2003 New Zealand legislation for smokefree bars as ?extremism?.

Draw your own conclusion as to whom this public servant is actually serving.

It has long been suspected that Peter Dunne is in the pay of tobacco companies, he will of course go nuts denying such a thing. But then again explaining is losing.