Phil Goff: Lifesaver

I?posted on Friday about Raymond Huo?s seemingly extraordinary claim that Phil Goff had been busy saving lives in?Christchurch, and quickly found evidence to?prove Ray was right.

Labour List?MP?Ray?mond Huo?blogged at Red Alert:

Other con?stituents told me that when encoun?tered with a nat?ural dis?as?ter ?Key is talk?ing about how to save lives while Goff is going there to save?lives?.

After combing through the archives, I?ve been finding other examples of Phil?s selfless bravery.

Here?s a news story crediting him with saving lives at the Hindenburg disaster.

Goff is taking Kris Fa?afoi?s wise advice again, and it?s clear that Phil?s undiscovered track record as a lifesaver is Labour?s secret weapon for this election campaign.