Principle vs. Politics

Phil Goff has a history of putting politics ahead of prinicples. He?abandoned?all his principles?in order to undermine?Don Brash.

He?broke longstanding foreign diplomacy conventions to smear the Leader of the Opposition with?’Gone By Lunchtime’. This smear was subsequently proved to be a lie by the release of the Wikileaks documents. He defended the breach at the time.

Phil Goff: “If an MFAT official released something that they were not entitled to release, that would be against the internal rules and procedures. In these reports Dr Brash is not a young player, he’s 63 years old. He knows there’s an official recording of what he says. Maybe it was naivety on his part, but I’m afraid that when you indulge in that sort of deceit then you are likely to be caught out.”Q:Is this an example of one law for all?

Phil Goff: “If I’m caught out in anything I say that is not consistent then I should face the consequences.

In attack, Mr Goff was happy to put?politics before principle.

Let’s see if Phil Goff will hold himself to that last line as quoted above.

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