Questions for Phil Goff

Phil Goff has attacked the head of SIS, Dr Warren Tucker. It has made Stuff now.

A fresh political row has broken out over Israeli spy allegations after Labour leader Phil Goff accused? SIS head Warren Tucker of misleading the public over what he knew about an investigation into the death of an Israeli citizen in the February 22 Christchurch earthquake.

Goff today disputed a notation by Tucker on a briefing note -?released under the Official Information Act -?which suggested the opposition leader had seen the briefing of the Israeli “spy”?investigation.

Goff disputed the notation and accused Tucker of calling his credibility into question.

“In future, I will only meet with Warren Tucker or representatives of the SIS if there is someone independent in the room to keep a true and accurate record of what is discussed.”

The questions Phil Goff needs to answer since he insists he was never briefed are:

Why, if he was never briefed, did he ask a question about the Israeli tourists in the briefing he says he never had?


If he wasn’t briefed and never asked the question, why then did the SIS note in their meeting minutes that the issue was “discussed at length”?

Seriously, he needs to answer those questions.

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