Radio Live – Goff and Slater

On Radio Live today Phil Goff continued to die in a ditch over his?briefing?he never had, then had flicked past him, then he forgot and never read anything.

Paul Henry doesn’t believe Phil Goff and neither do I.

Radio Live – Phil Goff keeps digging a big hole by whaleoil

Then I follow up after Phil Goff.

Radio Live: Cameron Slater aka Whaleoil talks about Phil Goff and his lies by whaleoil
Phil Goff’s stories don’t add up. He has changed them more than a baby has it’s nappies changed.

There was a point at where i would have been prepared to accept that Phil Goff just forgot about the briefing. He had a chance to bail out of this when he learned from Warren Tucker that he had actually been briefed. Instead he perpetuated a story that he hadn’t been briefed when the reality was he simply forgot about it. Once he started going down that path a forgotten situation turned into a lie. When he attacked a civil servant he crossed the line.

It is time for Phil Goff to front up and tell the truth and then resign.