Roy Morgan not enough to roll Goff but Annette might be gone

The latest Roy Morgan poll has been released and contrary to leadership aspirant David parker’s assertions the much vaunted step change of a?capital?gains tax has not found favour at all with the voters. This is now the second poll by Roy Morgan after their big announcement and Labour’s polling hasn’t budged.

The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows support for Prime Minister John Key’s National-led Government is at 55.5% (down 2%). Support for Key’s National Party is 51.5% (down 0.5%), ACT NZ 2% (unchanged), the Maori Party 1.5% (down 1.5%), and United Future 0.5% (unchanged). Support for Opposition Parties is at 44.5% (up 2%) – Labour Party 32% (up 0.5%), Greens 7% (down 0.5%), New Zealand First 4% (up 1.5%), Mana Party 0.5% (unchanged) and Others 1% (up 0.5%). If a National Election were held today the National Party would easily be returned to Government.

Labour lacks the courage to roll Goff, despite several lower ranked MPs now acknowledging that their CVs need dusting off. The wires are humming too that rather than get Goff they may replace Annette King as a signal that things would be different.

The person being touted as Goff’s new deputy is Shane Jones.

This would be a good move, jones is known as a dirty fighter and he hits hard. It could well be that?the?voters have moved on from his porn dalliances and so it might be worth having a crack.

The cowardice of Cunliffe and Parker could well see their chances of the leadership slip quietly away if Jones can resurrect Goff’s flagging fortunes. God knows it won’t be anything Phil Goff does that increases Labour’s vote.