Rubbish repeating from TV3

TV3 ran a silly and demonstrably wrong article ove the weekend about Claudette Hauiti.

Matt at mydeology gives them a shellacking over their pathetic attack piece.

John Campbell had a wee cry about folks avoiding his well-researched, highly contextual news machine in favour of a gentle wrestle with the walrus on Radio New Zealand?s?Mediawatch this morning. But maybe there?s another reason that people avoid TV3: the fact that they just make shit up.

Take?this interview with Claudette Hauiti, a National Party candidate standing in Mangere. Ms Hauiti freely admits that, in a past life as a television producer, she signed up to several organisations that most National members would not endorse: Grassroots Labour, the Socialist Union, and a number of groups advocating for the legalisation of cannabis. She said that this was done for the sake of research, which is a difficult claim to dispute. After all, plenty of my dyed in the wool Labour voting friends have ?Liked? Facebook pages such as the anti-MMP organisation Vote For Change, and Prime Minister John Key, presumably so they know what these people are saying.

Cue TV3?s slightly more than a teeny little bit misleading?story on Hauiti:New Nat candidate: Lesbian, Maori, ex-Labour. Hauiti was never a member of the Labour Party, as she made clear to the person interviewing her, while acknowledging that she was a member of the Grassroots Labour website. The interviewer goes on to twice claim that Hauiti is ?profiled on the Grassroots Labour website?, which is not the same thing as?creating a profile, but then a good story knows no factual bounds. After having this moronic point pushed, Hauiti says that she has no control over what information internet sites choose to share about her. TV3 then asks for comment from a Labour Party member, who says that the site never creates profiles for people.

I sat beside Claudette in the plane on the way to Wellington. I?have?previously met her before briefly. We had a very frank chat on the flight, she was a little upset at some of my?characterizations?of her chances. However she at least talked face to face with me about it?rather?than skulking and running whispering campaigns like some other cowards in the?party, so she is to be commended for that.

She should also be commended for taking one for the team in Mangere. There are few thankless tasks in politics worse than standing in a red seat knwoing you are going to cop a flogging while the buggers muddle in Auckland pats themselves on the back and expends huge resources in Tamaki.

The National party is a broad church. It has left and right and the great thing is that they can all co-exist happily.

What Claudette Hauiti signals though is that Labour cannot and should not expect monopoly rights on the gay vote. National too has poofs and lesbians, but they don’t expect special treatment based on identity politics, and nor does Claudette.

Silly little hatchet jobs from inept repeaters at TV3 thinking they are smarter than the vetters at national HQ just strengthens the party and ridicules the mainstream media yet again. It would be a pretty stupid candidate that thought they could hide their online past so easily.