Rude Questions that need answering

There is a $500 a head fundraiser today for long time friend of the Whale, Scott Simpson, the National candidate for Coromandel. It is being organised by Alan Towers.

So what you may ask.

Well the fundraiser is being held at the Northern Club.

So what I hear you say again.

Well the Northern Club is in Auckland and Alan Towers is the Auckland Regional Chair.

How come the fundraising isn’t being held in Coromandel?

Why can’t or why won’t an electorate of 900 plus members conduct fundraising for themselves?

Why isn’t Waikato Region hosting this?

With more than 900 members locally, Simpson can’t get money out of them, so he gets them from Auckland “friends” for a safe seat campaign instead of them donating to red seats in Auckland, it is very?interesting where the buggers’ muddle priorities lie.

Many questions, the answers to which suggest the priorities of the Auckland Regional Chair and his close friend on the Board will be further cause for grievance leading up to the National Conference next weekend.