Rugby Union has gay ban

The Rugby Union has a gay ban.

No, not banning gays, banning tweets which is gay.

Meanwhile, tweeting All Black Cory Jane admits he’ll find it difficult to stick to a ban on social media comments during the tournament. Jane’s messages have been popular with his fans but his twitchy tweeting finger is about to go on holiday. The NZRU has imposed a tweet ban on its players during the world cup, and Jane revealed he halted his missives prematurely before realising the ban hadn’t kicked in yet.

“As soon as [the squad] got announced I said to everyone `I’m off now’. Then about eight hours later I checked and Piri [Weepu] was still tweeting, the bastard. So I got back on there. Maybe next week it will become official. I’m sure they’ll tell us,” he said.

Who knows, maybe it will help, not much else is at the moment.