Silly stuff from ACT Board Member

It seems that ACT is a party of individuals so brilliant at politics that they don’t need to work together. However one thing I have noticed both before and after Don Brash took over is the prevalence of people on the ACT board who also want to be members of parliament and stand on the list.

This is un-heard of in National. Basically it is considered unconscionable that a board member would even stand for selection and it is likely that it would count against them. Grant McCallum found this out when he stood down from the board to put his hat in the ring for Northland. He quickly discovered that the members don’t like it, even though he rightly stepped aside from his board responsibilities. It just smells a bit whiffy.

Not so in ACT though. Not only do board members seek to stand for the party, they are even actively lobbying people on their list rankings. It ia beyond the pale that the president is seeking a nomination and still remaining the president. Let alone the fact he remains as president despite a personal loathing for Don Brash. THe man clearly knows no shame. There are other board member who ahve put their names in the the hat but perhaps the one with even less shame that the president is Peter McCaffrey.

He is actively lobbying and asking people to rank him at one or two, above the leader and ACT’s likely electorate saviour John Banks. Silly, silly, little boy. Naturally he got outed last night on Facebook.

It is silly amateur stuff like this that make ACT a laughing stock. The silliest thing of all is if ACT could exhibit some discipline, start behaving in a sensible, reasoned manner then they could actually do well at this election. There is plenty of soft National vote to pass onto ACT. But when they do lame stuff like this it just makes people wonder if they have any political nous at all.