Slow cycling

Andrew Sullivan has a short post about the Slow Bike Movement. Considering I am in the midst of training to kick Trevor Mallard’s arse it made for interesting reading, and given hat I have learned about cycling in the past few weeks hard to not agree with.

Celeste LeCompte?praises it:

Slow riding means not arriving at work sweaty or worrying about wearing specific bike-riding shoes or any of the other wardrobe-related concerns that plague would-be commuters. Being a Slow Bike Rider may mean being left behind by the pack of spandex-wearing cyclists in the mornings, but it also means getting to know more about the rest of your community.

Felix Salmon?believes it could help democratize riding:

As a general rule, the propensity of non-bicyclists to give biking a try is inversely proportional to the average velocity of the bikers they see on the street. If you live in a city where women in wedge heels are steering their old steel bikes around their daily errand route, there?s really nothing intimidating or scary about the prospect of getting on a bike yourself. If it?s all hipsters on fixies, by contrast, that just makes biking feel all the more alien and stupid.

I’m just trying to work out if Trevor could ever be considered a hipster…..hmmm….nah. Alien and stupid? Yep that’s him.