So who is talking?

Phil Goff thinks it is all a conspiracy, yet Matthew Hooton, me, Trans-Tasman and Tracy Watkins have all heard about what went down at teh labour front bench meeting last week.

But one senior Labour?MP?said the con?ver?sa?tion did hap?pen. ?[Phil] did con?sult the front bench over whether he should go.?

There is a very small number of people who would have been at that meeting. One of them is blabbing and white-anting Phil Goff.

So who would have been there?

Labour’s front bench is Phil Goff, Annette King, Trevor Mallard, Parekura Horomia, Grant Robertson, David Parker, Clayton Cosgrove, David Cunliffe, Maryan Street, Charles Chauvel and Ruth Dyson.

One them is talking out of turn and white-anting Goff.

It wouldn’t be Goff or King obviously, so the number of suspects dwindles to nine.

It is unlikely to be Parekura Horomia and so we are down to eight contenders.

I can’t see Trevor Mallard doing it either, it just isn’t in his make-up to skulk in the shadows, he prefers the wet work to be in the open. So we are down to seven prospects.

Who would be so sneaky as to leak to journalists, bloggers and commentators?

All the remaining seven are touted as leader contenders or future leaders…they have motive. Do any have form?

Having such speculation known to the media and now the public is extremely damaging to Labour and to Phil Goff. He is now confirmed as a dead man walking. It also means that there is some in the seven suspects that is prepared to damage fatally the Labour party in order to further their interests.

Just who is Labour’s sneaky tattle-tale.