Someone isn't telling the truth

Oh dear, we all know Phil Goff has a memory problem. He forgot he had a briefing from?the?head of the SIS. Then when he was told he did he went all angry and outraged with his denials and then when it was proved he had the briefing it was all a?conspiracy.

I repeat all that so you can see?the?pattern.It is the same pattern that Phil Goff uses everytime he is confronted with his truthiness issue. He did exactly the same with the Darren Hughes affair. Forstly he tried the cover up, then he “mis-spoke” about when he knew about it and then it was all a right wing conspiracy to get Hughes and then him. Same modus operandi. Same behaviour. People who have been in politics for 27 years have the habits of 27 years ingrained in them.

Now we have it happening again.

Both The Trans-Tasman and I ran stories about murmurings in the Labour front-bench meeting, Phil Goff strenuously denied them and then someone else comes out and says that Phil Goff was mistaken again. To cap it all off this is yet again a right wing conspiracy and all of the afore-mentioned done in extreme anger and high dudgeon.

Someone isn’t telling the truth here. I think that someone is the person with a track record with truthiness problems.

That person is Phil Goff. At the very least, if he doesn’t have a truthiness problem, then he certainly has a memory problem.