Sunday Star Times Plagiarism

Last Saturday this blog published an article:

Saturday Synopsis ? Likely New Ministers

Today the Sunday Star Times Neil Reid basically copies the content of this article, and mentions a source but does not attribute his work to this blog.

It identified the MPs likely to make a step up in the next National Government. They are remarkably similar to the MPs mentioned in my article.

Such a direct copy of an article without attribution is wrong but not surprising for a decidedly average newspaper (Slowly Sinking Tabloid) that is struggling to work out how to survive as more and more people get their news online.

So the following letter has been sent to the Sunday Star Times editor, David Kemeys, and a complaint will be laid with the NZ Pres Council if they do not address this to my satisfaction.

By Blog & Email
August 7th 2011

Re: Plagiarism of a Blog Post

Dear Sir,

Please refer to the following online articles:

Whaleoil Beef Hooked ???Published Saturday 30th of July

Sunday Star Times ??????????Published online Sunday 7th of August

Neil Reid plagiarises the content of my post without attributing it to me or my blog. Could you please inform me of what you intend to do about this, and what action you intend taking against Reid.

In the event you choose not to address this issue I will complain to the NZ Press Council.

Yours faithfully

Cam Slater