The campaign is building

It looks like the campaign is building for a new leadership team in Labour.

The narrative that is now coming through via known leftwing journalists is that Shane Jones is the only person prepared to step up to assist, the others are cowards and that Phil Goff will still lead Labour. This same message has been fed rather nicely through back channels to Matthew Hooton as well.

Two weeks ago I was canvassed for my thoughts on the prospects of Jones returning. I said to the Labour MPs who asked that I though Jones had the guts, and force of character to come back. I thought that his front footing his porn spending and rapidly?apologizing?neutered the issue at the time, and if you compared his contrition with Phil Goff’s when he gets thing wrong the differences were stark.

I blogged about the suggestion that Shane Jones was being pushed forward to replace Annette King. I was scoffed at and Annette King loudly said otherwise. Phil Goff and Annette King blamed all this on a nasty National party conspiracy. Both of them ignore the inconvenient truth that their caucus is not happy and will do anything including talking to bloggers to effect change.

There is a move afoot and Shane Jones is the one at the fore-front of it.

He is as cunning as a shit-house rat and I can see the logic in him gunning for King and not Goff. In athe aftermath of their election failure Shane Jones will be able stand before caucus and say that only he was?prepared?to step up. Goff can?conveniently?be blamed for the failure but also he can point to the?cowardice?of Parker and Cunliffe in particular. By moving now he places himself well and truly at the front of the queue for any right to be leader after Goff fails to fire at the election.

There is currently a two week parliamentary recess and so I would say the white-anting of King and Goff will continue for the next two week and then with another Roy Morgan poll released they will be ready to move at the first caucus after recess. Interesting times lie ahead for Labour.