The Climate of Fear

It is said that there is a consensus out there that Climate Change is catastrophic, man made and we are all doomed unless drastic and expensive action is taken. They say there is consensus but then again they have obtained the alleged consensus by intimidation, fear and campaigns against those who think differently.

Witness the campaign by various interested parties to try to silence Lord Monckton from speaking in new Zealand. They have waged a very public campaign to ensure he doesn’t appear on any radio shows, they have bullied Close Up into not having him on the show and now they are trying to bully venues from hosting functions.

Climate Change?protagonists?don’t want debate, they don’t want there to be any opposition on their march to consensus, they want silence and obedience and will do anything to silence critics. Witness the use of calling people deniers to smear them with the atrocity of the holocaust.

Right now there is a similar campaign being waged in New Zealand and it appears it is being led by Martin Tegg. He has written an appalling letter to the Northern Club smearing Lord Monckton extensively. This is nothing more than?a pseudo-intellectual lynch mobs masquerading as the acceptable face of public opinion.

Martin Tegg, according to his Facebook?account works for Auckland City:

Martin Tegg Facebook pageYou might not think this is important but as you will see it is.

He is the one who wrote the letter to the Northern Club, he is also the who appears to be organising the protest against Lord Monckton.

That’s all fine, citizens, except Lord Monckton it seems, are allowed to protest. Protest is good, debate is good, except if you disagree with people like Martin Tegg and his ilk. Then you must be silenced. Still I ahve no problem with Martin Tegg being able to have his little rant. Just as I have no problem with Macsyna King publishing a book. We live in a free country, if we don’t like something or someone we can simply change channels, not buy the book or ignore what they have to say.

Where I draw the line though is when you and I as ratepayers are funding this sort of carry on.

Martin Tegg it seems works at ?the Auckland Council and has seen fit to prepare an extensive document with what looks like several hours of?research?not to mention the time it took to type the letter. But it seems he has done it while in the pay of the ratepayer and during work hours.

The document was prepared on his computer that is provided by The Auckland Council. The meta data of the document proves this.

The meta data also proves that he did this yesterday and during work hours, that is on the ratepayers dime.

This I object to. Martin Tegg has spent a not inconsequential amount of time on work unrelated to his job at Auckland Council, utilised Council resources and all to campaign against someone he doesn’t like in an attempt to silence them. Worse he is bullying a ratepayer with hugely connected clientale in the form of the Northern Club and all on the ratepayers ticket.

I wonder perhaps if Len Brown and the Auckland Council condone this use of ratepayers resources to mount a public fear campaign against ratepayers pursuing wholly legal enterprises such as hosting functions.