The great communicator?

I like Clare Curran. She has, I think, wrongly been maligned by the tribal ferals of Labour who?believe?that silence is a virtue especially from uppity women. We live in a democracy and opinions should be robustly and honestly sought and challenged.

Clare though does like to rate herself as the great communicator. She even wrote a paper about “owning the language” of politics.

I do however wonder about what precipitated her very public anger outburst?

It has occurred to me that as a member of Greenpeace (and former NZ board member), Clare Curran might be deliberately driving voters and activists into the arms of the Green Party? This is unlikely however, more probably she is just utterly frustrated and desolate at the lack of cut through Labour and espeically Phil GOff have with the electorate.

But more worrisome is the fact that as a “great communicator”, the news page on her official website was last updated on 1st February 2010

Nothing to say to the voters Clare, for over 18 months? No wonder we are seeing frustration bubbling over.